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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Motorcycling Across Iran: Lois Pryce Bikes from Tabriz to Shiraz, Condemns Trump Visa Ban

Three years ago, the daredevil British travel writer Lois Pryce set out on what she describes as "one of the most transformative experiences" of her life. Taking nothing but her motorcycle, her passport and a small suitcase, she embarked on a 3,000-mile journey through Iran.

Globetrotting “Little Haleh” Makes Passport-Free Travel Possible

Interview by Sara Damavandan
Many people dream of traveling the world. Yet few actually manage to make the journey. Visa restrictions and strict border controls have made it increasingly difficult. For tens of millions of people today, unrestricted

Tintin and Milou in Tehran

By Kamiar BehrangTintin, Milou (also known as Snowy) and their famous comic-strip companions have turned up in Iran.The globetrotting young reporter and his faithful...

A Young Italian Traveller Recounts His Experiences in Iran

Giorgio Zanella is a 29-year-old Italian from Trento in northern Italy – and a regular traveler to Iran. Kayhan London caught up with Giorgio to...