March 09, 2018

A British Mini car fair opened inside Khosravani Auto’s exhibition hall at the Bamland Shopping Center in Tehran on March 3. Car dealerships in Iran currently offer Mini Cooper, Clubman, and Countryman.

The 2018 Mini Cooper is priced between $21,600 and $36,600 in Europe, depending on the range of accessories added to the car. But in Iran, the Mini Cooper 5-door Hatch with a 1.5-liter engine has a staggering price tag of $82,500. The Mini Cooper-S is priced even higher at $120,000. The Clubman sells for a whopping price of $133,500. A Countryman with a 2-liter engine is the most expensive Mini, carrying a hefty price tag of $142,000. The standard delivery time on all models is around 30 days. 

Iranian film actress Leila Boloukat hosted the opening ceremony. It is unclear how well Mini will perform on the Iranian market, particularly given its inflated prices. Persia Khodro is the authorized dealer for the German BMW, Japan’s Mitsubishi and the British Mini.

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