May 02, 2018

Dr. Mansour Fathi, a university professor and researcher, has said that extramarital affair is the leading cause of family breakdown.

“Studies have shown that jealousy and suspicion of infidelity cause the majority of murders within families,” Dr. Mansour said.

Presenting a paper entitled “Seductive Men and Unfaithful Wives” at a seminar on women’s issues and marital problems, Dr. Fathi said: “Research carried out in 15 provinces has shown that 67 percent of murders in families are committed by husbands who suspected their wives of having extramarital affairs.”

“Infidelity is threatening the family unit,” Dr. Fathi warned. “According to some health officials we’ve spoken to, family courts have seen an alarming increase in the number divorces and murders caused by extramarital affairs. Films and TV dramas also deal with this serious social issue.”

Dr. Fathi explained: “Extramarital affairs are deliberate acts, but in most cases, they seem to occur on the persistence of men who exploit vulnerable women. Research has shown that most women who have sex with men other than their husbands have been experiencing problems in their marriage for a long period.”

He noted: “Sexual dissatisfaction is the root of unhappiness for many women who seek excitement and variety outside their marriage. Our society tolerates unethical behavior by men. We don’t hold them accountable for their inappropriate sexual conduct. Men believe they have the right to pursue any woman irrespective of her marital status.”

He added: “Women who are experiencing marital difficulties and facing divorce are susceptible to sexual exploitation. Our research included people between the ages of 26 and 45. Most people we spoke to were contemplating divorce before entering into extramarital affairs. The majority of women had boyfriends before getting married.”

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