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برچسب Reza Parchizadeh

برچسب: Reza Parchizadeh

The Runner, Masterpiece Of Iranian New Wave Cinema

April 07, 2018 Reza Parchizadeh Amir Naderi’s “The Runner” (1985) was among the first post-revolutionary Iranian films to attract worldwide attraction. It is considered by many...

Why Iran is Hellbent on Maintaining Presence in Syria

March 03, 2018 By Reza Parchizadeh The Syrian Army and its Iranian and Russian allies have intensified their air and ground attacks on the opposition forces...

Political Reform: A Ploy By Iran’s Regime To Hang On

 January 11, 2018 By Reza Parchizadeh Throughout history, every despotic regime has rushed to institute reforms before its impending demise. The Islamic Republic of Iran is...

The Islamic Republic and the Demise Of Shia Doctrine

 November 24, 2017 By Reza Parchizadeh In August 2016, the official website of the late Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, a Shia theologian and democracy advocate -- currently run...

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