April 7, 2018

Hassan Shamaizadeh, the veteran pop singer and songwriter, has objected to the sale of his house in Tehran, which was seized in 1993 following a ruling by the Revolutionary Court. Mr. Shamaizadeh, who lives in the U.S., recently posted a message on his Instagram channel which read: “Buyer, please beware that the sale of this property is illegal. I’ll evict you upon my return to Tehran. Meanwhile, people will remove you from the property before me, and my children will return.”

اعتراض حسن شماعی‌زاده به فروش خانه‌اش در تهران

According to Shamaizadeh, the person responsible for the sale of his house is a “government agent” who allegedly was involved in the 1988 assassinations of intellectuals, political activists and dissidents.

Shamaizadeh wrote: “This person knows too well what people would do to him if his role in the 1988 mass murders were to become public knowledge. That’s why he is selling the house.”

The original court records show that the house was not registered as an “Immovable Property” or in plain language as real estate. In other words, although it was registered under Article 11 of the property law, the relevant documents were not filed within the “prescribed time limit.” The court also ruled that Shamaizadeh’s income was from illegitimate sources including his “degenerate singing profession.”

The house is in Niavaran which is one of Tehran’s most affluent neighborhoods.

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  1. Payman Jahanbin

    Why? What has he done to lose his sweet home to a tribe of bandits,cons,thugs,sharks,and goons. Sadly, most of Iranians who were forced to leave their home land by factors such as their occupations , religions or their beliefs, never have claimed for their unjustly lost , they all have kept silent. No justice,no peace,it,s about time to speak up, perhaps it’s getting too LATE

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